Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The essence of Desire

When I was in junior high school, I love to draw. I could spend my whole weekend in my room just drawing sketches. I once thought that maybe I could be a painter. Since painter was and still is not a desirable career path, my dad suggested maybe I could learn to be an interior designer. I performed well enough on my national exam and getting to any senior high school was not an issue. So at last, I chose my school based on the best school I could enrolled myself into.

Time flied and then it's time to make another decision. I graduated from an university in Sydney, majoring in I.T. Should I apply for permanent residency and stay in Sydney? Or should I go back to my country or move to another country? Every path is simply feasible, making it harder to make a choice!

Have you been in these circumtances before? The options are there, the choice is yours! You can choose do A, or you can choose to B. There's no right or wrong. What we're missing here is the essence of "desire". Do I want to do it? And how will this fit in God's plan for my life?

Back to my story, I decided to stay and applied for permanent residency. I had few challenges, but I persevered because I knew that was what I wanted. I knew that I would serve God mightyly in Sydney. God heard my desire and He responded. "Not simply because I can do it, but I have the desire to do it" is what exponiates my energy to persevere through what lies ahead.

"We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us."
II Corinthians 5:20

Monday, January 25, 2010

Grateful 24-7

Isn't it great if we can smile happily all the times? Just let thanksgiving fill our heart 'til there's no space for anything else. No resentment, no jealousy, no unsatisfied feelings. Yet it's our weakness as human beings that we tend to be ungrateful for what we have. We always want more and more! If Adam and Eve had been satisfied with all the stuffs that God gave them, we would not be here at the first place. The question is when will we be satisfied?

More than 30 years ago, people wanted something that can be used to communicate and Mr. Bell invented a telephone. Afterwards we wanted a mobile version of a telephone, hence Motorola invented the 1G mobile phone. Since then, there has been more demands than ever. Nowadays a mobile phone can almost do everything we can think of, yet there's more to add on.

When we think of what we need, it will never be enough! Have we ever stopped and think of others' needs? Have we taken the chance to pour the words of hope to someone who desperately needs it? In last few days, have I encouraged anyone? Have I spare couple of minutes letting someone know that he/she is important? When I've done that, trust I will be grateful 24-7.